Legs Feel Heavy?

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"My Father had swelling in his ankles at night and within one month of using this product, the swelling was almost completely gone."

healthy leg circulationWe appreciate this enthusiastic response from a consumer who is one of many who rave about our product.

Circu Caps™a special formulation of European Butcher's Broom and Rosemary Oil, promotes normal circulation through the veins. It is a dietary supplement that is used by people all over the world for maintaining normal circulation in the legs. It can even be used if you experience occasional heavy legs. 

“I recommend Sanhelios to everyone needing improvement in their circulation

The delivery system is a special soft gel capsule, which protects the precious ingredients and helps absorption of nutrients. Rosemary oil is included to support herbal delivery. 

This really helps. Cold feet become warm, due to better circulation

Circu Caps™ assures safety and effectiveness. Its standardized extract of Butcher's Broom meets German Commission E standards and is manufactured according to stringent GMP's. 

According to WebMD

“ . . . Butcher's Broom is used for circulation such as: heaviness, and leg swelling…"

How does it work?
“ . . . Butcher's Broom might improve blood circulation in the legs by preventing blood …. from "pooling" in the veins.”

Circu Caps 48 Count
List Price: $19.99
Sanhelios USA Price: $15.99
You Save: 20 %
Circu Caps 48 Count
Unlock The Power Of Butcher's Broom with Rosemary Oil
Circu Caps Higher Dose
List Price: $26.99
Sanhelios USA Price: $20.99
You Save: 22 %
Circu Caps Higher Dose
Unlock The Power Of Triple Potency Butcher's Broom
Circu Caps 96 Count
List Price: $33.99
Sanhelios USA Price: $26.99
You Save: 21 %
Circu Caps 96 Count
Unlock The Power Of Butcher's Broom with Rosemary Oil

Unique support for normal leg circulation

Circu Caps™ is the high quality, exclusive formulation of European Butcher’s Broom fortified with Rosemary Oil – an ingredient that supports herbal delivery. Known for its effectiveness throughout Europe, Circu Caps™ enhances circulation by toning and tightening vein walls, thereby promoting healthy circulation in the legs. With healthy, normal circulation - legs feel energized and you enjoy a better quality of life.

Safety and effectiveness assured

Circu Caps™ is made by a leading German manufacturer, Sanhelios®, according to German Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices and the standards of the German Commission E. No wonder millions of Europeans say it works wonders, particularly for women who occasionally complain about that “heavy feeling” in the legs. If your legs need support, try Butcher’s Broom, but not just any Butchers Broom, try Circu Caps™, and see why it has been the European favorite for decades.

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