Legs Feel Heavy?

Try Sanhelios® Circu Caps®

Circu Caps® supports normal circulation in the legs*

  • Circu CapsContains rare herb Butcher's Broom, which circulates naturally through the veins
  • Millions of Europeans and Americans say it works wonders, particularly for women who occasionally complain about that 'heavy, tired feeling'*
  • Available in 48 and 96 count sizes

Higher Doe Circu CapsHigher Dose Circu Caps®

  • In addition to helping legs, it also supports normal circulation in the sensitive tissues of the rectum*
  • Contains an extract of Butcher's Broom that's 3 times stronger potency per serving than regular Circu Caps
  • All you need is one capsule per day

Made according to German Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)