Helps me stay walking"

"Circucaps: This really helps. cold feet become warm, due to better circulation. Dizziness stops. Sores heal faster."

"Great Product: 
This product works as well as it claims. My father had swelling in his ankles at night and within one month of using this product, the swelling was almost completely gone. Also, we have a lot of allergies in our family, especially to fillers and preservatives, and this product is free of such additives. I would recommend Sanhelios Circu Caps to everyone needing improvement in their circulation."

Vein Integrity: 
I take 2 times a day with Horsechestnut to help keep walls of veins/arteries strong/pliable. Also take proline-lysine, plus Vit C and/or grape seed extract with Proline-Lysine as these work together~~2 times a day when I take the 2 mentioned above. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend